Corrigan Texas Police unlawfully cite man for Recording Police



Auditor Philip Turner challenges an unlawful prohibition of filming the Police by giving the officers a card containing the legal case that he won which established the right to record the police: Turner vs Driver.

The 2 police officers didn’t seem to realize that the last name he told them corresponded to the name of the legal case written on the card.

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Thanx for what you do Patriot.

Hands him case law with his name on it and he literally makes the same stupid mistake. Oh well. Gotta learn somehow. Thanks for your reporting!

How dumb do you have to be to arrest a guy for filming a police station, as he is literally handing you a card and explaining the Federal case law, the case that HE WON, that recognizes an individual’s right to film the police and police departments?
Meet Officer Brown and Officer Foster of the Corrigan Police Department.

Would love to see the looks on their faces when they realize they cited the guy whose name is on the case law that makes it a civil rights violation to have detained him.

It’s terrifying and upside down when a city ordinance can supersede a federal law. That’s like saying murder is legal but only on your own private property.

You cant even be around patrol cars? AND they park them near the entrance… So it’s illegal to enter the PUBLIC BUILDING?!

The whistle out of the cop prior to him citing you is a psycholocial marker of his feeling insecure knowing he is wrong. The swagger of the same officer nails it. Evidently the entire department lives in a hole.

It’s interesting that they made a law to stop him from expressing his constitutional rights 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 seems like oathbreakers to me

@Let the James Begin well their cops are there as roadside robbers so are not very bright. The mayor is married to the chief so ah, nothing wrong there huh.

Thank you for the good work you are doing following up on this injustice. They are hoping nobody will fight this court and get it overturned. I hope you have the financial means to follow through on this. I hope other auditors do the same.

Should also foia request the body cams of every cop at this pd’s last 5-10 arrests and see just how bad the problem is in small towns and how many illegal acts the cops do,guaranteed you’ll find some footage that will go viral

If you don’t have the law on your side, intimidate, inconvenience, and lie. And cops wonder why they are getting so much hate
I just so pray that the Supreme Court of the United States of America takes up this case. Turner v Drivers is clearly established in the Fifth Circuit but the Republicans in state legislature are beginning to challenge this constitutional rights of freedom of the press for citizen journalist. Ohio, Georgia, and Florida are considering similar laws. We are looking for The Battousia to handle our business for freedom. God bless The Battousia!!! It is amazing how ignorant law enforcement officers are concerning the basic principles of the Constitution which underlies are systems of governing. This is a blatant disrespect for the rule of law.

And since Turner v. Driver has been established, they don’t get qualified immunity, right?

Man this town has a fortune wrapped up in signs….look at all of them.



The government murdered Fred Hampton. Will it ever be held accountable?

Flint Taylor and Jeff Haas, co-founders of the People’s Law Office in Chicago, were the lead lawyers in the landmark case that exposed the FBI’s involvement in the assassination of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. While that case was settled nearly 40 years ago, newly revealed documents show that the conspiracy to murder Hampton and cover up evidence of government involvement goes deeper than most ever imagined. In this special episode of “Rattling the Bars,” Eddie Conway talks with Taylor and Haas about their decades-long battle for the truth, the government’s continued surveillance and persecution of dissenters, and the ongoing fight for justice and accountability.

Read the transcript for this video:…



These two gentlemen have been heroes of mine since graduating from an Illinois liberal arts college in 1969 They are 2 examples of what propelled me to a career as criminal defense attorney Thank you, gentlemen, for all you have done. And thank you, Eddie, for gracing us with their exceptional perspectives–not to mention the hero status you all have in my eyes. My 60’s cohorts and I were already radicalized by the time Fred Hampton was murdered. We witnessed–sometimes in real time–inspiring leaders with vision, integrity, benevolence, charisma, and promise, including JFK, MLK, RFK, get taken out. Seemed like the same set of unscrupulous government actors, whose unchecked grip on power was being threatened had teamed up with crime figures and others facing the same threat, to eliminate such leaders. That conclusion has been repeatedly bolstered with each similar political “elimination” since, including Fred Hampton. Keep fighting for justice.


They hide behind labels and saying government did this is like saying your gun was responsible for the shooting. “Individuals” who were involved need to be held accountable.


We should be teaching our kids about hero’s like these gentlemen.


Cointel pro never ended. It’s name was changed. Look into phoenix, fusion centers, and parallel construction.

We Arrest Journalists For Free Press, But That’s Not A Violation Of Free Press


This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
The Sheriff’s STILL REFUSE to return Cache valley’s PHONE, sickening!!
LOL! “I’m not going to debate with you.” Instant fail. THAT is the sound of a cop who just got caught being ignorant,arrogant, wrong, and violating the Constitution.
This guy lies like crazy. He knows about releasing records, they just act stupid so they don’t have to release videos until the attorney General makes them. Then they Redact so much of it that it shows nothing. Then you are forced to start all over with the Attorney General. It’s like a dog chasing his tail. You just hardly ever get what you want even if you draw them a detailed picture.