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Fox News judge gives Trump terrible news amid Mueller speech

BREAKING: Fox News’ Judge Napolitano just gave Trump some terrible news in the aftermath of Mueller’s surprise press conference.

now judge before you launch into this
Lizzy would you again read that what to
me I think you’ll agree this is to me
the key sentence really if we had
confidence the president did not commit
a crime we would have said so
that is in
the Muller report and I think we could
if we had confidence the president did
not commit a crime we would have said I
could not agree with Lizzy any more than
I do that opens the door for the
Democrats to pounce effectively what Bob
Muller said is we had evidence that he
committed a crime but we couldn’t charge
him because he’s the president of the
United States
this is even stronger than
the language in his report this is also
a parting shot at his soon-to-be former
boss the Attorney General because this
statement is a hundred and eighty
degrees from the four-page statement
that bill Barr issued
at the time he
first saw the reported that bad I think
so I think basically saying the
president can’t be indicted otherwise we
would have indicted him and we’re not
gonna charge him with a crime because
there’s no forum in which for him for
him to refute the charges but we could
not say that he didn’t commit a crime
fill in the blank because we believe he
did and now this is about the
obstruction of justice yes side if they
also think that there is fodder for the
Democrats on the conspiracy side he
didn’t say there was no conspiracy he
just said we were not able to establish
it beyond a reasonable doubt
some evidence of it 127 communications
between Russian agents and Trump
campaign officials
from November a from
July of 15 to November of 16 but not
enough for us to make a criminal case
out of it I think this is hurtful to the
president hurtful to bill Barr fodder
for the Democrats but I also think that
the language in here is such that
there’s something in here for everybody
right but Robert Miller also said he
also said we did not however make a
determination as to whether the
President did commit a crime so that
indicates there was they couldn’t
prosecute anything because they didn’t
have the evidence of it but that if it
wasn’t there the evidence that they
leave I know the ten instances or eleven
instances I understand that
that’s a political decision to a peach
now the prosecutor correct but the
evidence he laid out is remarkably
similar to the impeachment charges
against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton

Richard Nixon hotel Haldeman and
Ehrlichman to lie to the FBI
president Trump tell Dunham again to
change his testimony
that he gave to the
Bill Clinton tell Betty curry to lie to
the FBI Donald Trump tell Katie
MacFarlane to put a false document in a
that you know is going to be
subpoenaed these facts that he laid out
are so substantially similar to the
matured allegations against Bill Clinton
and Richard Nixon it’s clear where he
was going this is Fox News’s senior
judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano
confirming what everyone knows but what
Republicans are pretending isn’t true
that Muller’s press conference really is
that bad for Trump Napolitano blows a
hole in Republicans most misleading
talking point the Trump is exonerated
because he wasn’t charged with a crime
but he wasn’t charged because it’s
against the oj guidance to indict a
sitting president and the GOP knew that

in fact it was their insurance policy so
from the beginning they set out to claim
that unless Trump was indicted that he
was absolved of all guilt and lo and
behold Muller followed the law by not
indicted him but because of today’s
press conference the rest of the country
was led in on that so the White House
can no longer fall back on this
disingenuous talking point
but more
importantly Muller said outright that he
couldn’t say that Trump did not commit a
crime and has set forth in the report
after that investigation if we had had
confidence that the president clearly
did not commit a crime we would have
said so as Judge Napolitano says
fill-in-the-blank people don’t speak
like that when the accused is as Trump
puts it totally and completely
exonerated if I lent a friend my car and
he called me and told me that if he had
confidence that he didn’t just get into
an accident he would say so I wouldn’t
be very excited to see my car for a
career law enforcement official intent
on not politicizing his position intent
on following DOJ guidance I’m not
charging a president intent on only
laying out the facts of his
investigation so Congress can decide
whether or not to act on them Robert
Muller stayed as neutral as possible
given the glaring guilt of the subject
of his probe and even so it was still
obvious through his word
Trump is by no means exonerated
Napolitano goes on to compare this
investigation into Trump to the
impeachment of Clinton and Nixon and
it’s especially interesting that he
references Clinton because there are
currently 14 Republican senators who
voted for Clinton’s impeachment for one
of the same exact crimes laid out
against Trump which is witness tampering
just as Bill Clinton was charged for
trying to corrupt Lee influence the
potential testimony of his secretary
betty curie Trump made it known that
Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn could
receive pardons according to mother’s
report so if we look back to the late
90s regarding obstruction of justice
we’d hear Mitch McConnell say that the
undisputed evidence shows that the
president took the path of lies in
deceit and that he is completely and
utterly perplexed by those who argue
that obstruction of justice isn’t a high
crime or misdemeanor we’d hear chuck
Grassley talk about how the president’s
actions weren’t just outrageous and
morally wrong
they were also illegal and we’d hear
Lindsey Graham claim that he doesn’t
want people at home to be confused that
they can do these things because if they
do what the President did they’d wind up
in jail but chances are because this
president has an R next to his name
instead of a D that suddenly Trump’s
blatantly obvious criminal activity will
be permissible that we won’t hear
anything from McConnell or Grassley or
Graham or while we’re at it any of the
other Republicans who were so vocal
while sanctimoniously grandstanding
about protecting the rule of law during
the Clinton years so they can tow the
party line and live in their Orwellian
state of reality where in the White
House tries to convince us that what
we’ve just heard isn’t what we actually
heard but this clearly isn’t the best
time to have their wagons hitched to
Trump because he may try to spin this as
a win but in reality Miller’s press
conference truly was hurtful to the
president hurtful to Bill Barr fodder
for the Democrats