Ep 22: The True Story Behind the Magnitsky Act w Andrei Nekrasov

Since the 2016 presidential election, we’ve seen the rise of a new McCarthyism, fueled by former and current US government officials, and boosted by media outlets (Russia rigged the 2016 election! Russia hacked the power grid! Russia created Black Lives Matter and the NoDAPL protests!) However, the groundwork for this campaign was laid in 2012, by an oft-referenced but little understood bill called the Magnitsky Act.

The true story of the Magnitsky Act is one of the financial crimes, international power politics, and score-settling cloaked in concern for human rights. Russian director and filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov is here to tell us this story.

You can watch his film: Behind the Magnitsky Act here:


Magnitsky Act, Bill Browder & Corporate Censorship

Big monopolies like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook seem to have power over citizens by deciding who to platform and who not to platform. The first amendment applies only to state actors, therefore these corporations are exempt.  However, with these near-monopolistic powers  do we need to change the laws?

Next week, we will be interviewing Andre Nekrasov, the director of the film Magnitsky Act, Behind the Scenes.  Unfortunately, thanks to the long-arm and infinite wealth of Mr. Bill Browder, this movie will not be available on Youtube, Vimeo or any movie theatre in America.

I have included a threat letter Mr. Browder has sent to Vimeo where he accused the filmmakers of defamation.  Without any hearing, without any recourse, this film was removed from Vimeo.

Youtube Dead Link

Takedown Notice