Breakingpoints Coverage of Uvalde School Shooting: American Alienation

Krystal and Saagar break down the string of law enforcement failures during the Uvalde shooting that were initially lied about by local police who refused to confront the gunman to save children’s lives


This is what is known as “officer safety clause” that allows you, the citizen, to be less than important. If this was the state itself being attacked the call to go would have been made instantly.
“We may test the hypothesis that the State is largely interested in protecting itself rather than its subjects by asking: which category of crimes does the State pursue and punish most intensely – those against private citizens or those against itself?” – Murray Rothbard
Here is my honest take: this is why gun sales are up. Citizens realize that the police really cannot protect them. Yes, they can respond and secure a perimeter, but they cant stop it. As people watch situations like this/riots (and the inability/unwillingness for police stop it) then families are going to prepare for the unthinkable.
I worked over 25 years in a variety of psychiatric hospitals and mental health clinics where we all had “panic alarms” in our offices. If a threatening or dangerous situation occured with a client one would hit the panic alarm and it was the job of every staff member to drop what they were doing and head to that office and open the door to make sure the colleague and clinets behind that door were safe. We had many clients who were drug addicts and dealers, domestic violence perps, criminals, people involved in divorce etc. We had no special training, weapons or body armor, yet we opened those doors, to make sure everyone was safe. Was it risky and scary? Damn straight, but it was our job and duty and we did it.


It really got to me when Krystal mentioned that the girl was still breathing… It’s impossible to imagine being in that situation, never mind at such a young age. I just hope the survivors get the support they are owed and can find some way to live the rest of their lives with as much joy as possible.
Re: Nassar investigation. Law enforcement cannot be held legally responsible for not, botching, or otherwise ineptly investigating crimes. Citizens, however, are routinely criminally charged for “interfering” with a police investigation.
If so many cops are afraid to go in help protect those kids and teachers, they should not be in that line of work. They can’t be just giving out traffic tickets and having coffee to collect their paycheques.
A few days ago in West Virginia, a civilian woman with a gun took down an active shooter on her own, yet cops can’t do the same smh
We knew it’s finally here,
The school was 4 minutes from the nearest police station and it took them 14 minutes to get there…to a mass shooting where kids were being executed point blank. Let that sit before you even think about them being to scared to enter the building
They never have a problem breaking down a door to murder a harmless pot dealer. But when they want the carnage to support their gun confiscation agenda, it becomes a problem.
This made me cry, I’m a 25 year old man. I haven’t cried in a long while, but I would have given my life for those kids. We are supposed to protect our youth, we failed them as a society. Those poor kid’s, I can’t imagine the level of fear. This is a disgrace, my heart is heavy with grief. You can’t explain the shooting, and it hurts when you here that some psycho does something like this. But when you hear that the people who volunteer to protect and serve, fail to stop this as fast as possible. How could you make the assumption that everyone is dead in a classroom, when you’re 500 yards outside the school. Thanks for letting me shout my feelings into the void, try and spread love. If you’re a brave young man like myself, we should consider becoming police. I’m thinking about, much love.
As a former marine infantry officer, I heavily suspected this was an incompetent commander’s decision. We are heavily screened and trained on our ability to think and act very quickly. Thinking of a 70% plan and acting now is much better than to wait…. To understand the nuance of the situation before you and act accordingly is critical regardless of the rules… This is the consequence of hiring incompetent leaders in law enforcement and the military and allowing them to be promoted up the chain….
I said it once , and I’ll say it an million times; law enforcement has the proper training, they pick and choose when to act, when to abuse citizens, or properly apprehend someone.
The chickens coming home to roost ! For decades I’ve always thought the excuse cops used to justify killing unharmed citizens (mostly black men) …”I-FEARED-FOR-MY-LIFE”.. was not acceptable to their profession! A roofer can’t be afraid of heights, an Engineer can’t fear math, etc. But we allowed the police to campaign for a sort of policing where it’s the lives of the cops …not the citizens …that’s most important! They are brave because “they run towards danger”…THAT’S THEIR F@#CKING JOB!
The story about the little girl smothering herself in her classmate’s blood & pretend to be dead… just speechless
why bother with the door as I imagine the classroom would have had windows, there is no answer to any question that will be accepted and all of those who stood about should be fired at the very least but when you promote ass kissers into positions of authority this is what happens
Fresh reminder that the authorities protect themselves and their buddies. They don’t protect you, only you can protect yourself.
as an infantryman I can tell you there is ZERO point in listening to talking heads regarding shootings. 95% of people have no idea what they’re saying. including krystal and saagar. even though i love them
My dad made a good point to me. How can they insist on taking our guns and then have people like this as our only protection?
They were brave enough to hold the parents back.
School district had it’s own police. Sounds familiar, like when the Alaska Economic Development Board made the comment, “No school district is responsible enough to have a high pressure steam boiler.” School district circumvented board and got one anyway, and immediately proved the board correct. Is any school district responsible enough to have it’s own police?
So all those sherrifs and federal agents stood around for an hour because a school cop told them to? Too bad there wasn’t a mall cop on scene to take over and tell them to go in.
I think the cops’ mistake was they treated the situation like it was a hostage crisis. They assumed that the suspect’s motive was to take hostages and make demands, not take lives. So instead of trying to take down the suspect ASAP, they focused more on securing/barricading the area until more backup arrives.
I don’t expect law enforcement to be perfect. And I don’t expect them necessarily to save everyone. But I sure expect them to do something responsive that they think might work to resolve the situation, quickly, in situations like that. I can understand taking a minute or two, or even five minutes, to put together a breach plan of some sorts. But standing around for an hour? WTF!?
As a retired volunteer FF, interior attack and vehicle extracations, I knew there would be risks, yet still made the decision to do it…. And there was definite pucker factor too, especially during traffic control, almost got it several times….
Former prosecutor from that area had a tweet . said something like after years of working with those law enforcement agencies of Uvalde she can tell you that you will never know the truth about what happened until you can see videos of the Incident. Very telling and not so uncommon.
The teacher outside seeing the gunman with the rifle, and ran back inside to get her phone, leaving the door open, which the gunman entered through. The mistakes began there.

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