GQ’s Profile of Hope Hicks Tells Us a Lot About Trump’s View of Women

Like most of the women who’ve passed through Trump’s entourage, Hicks is a former model; Cosmopolitan has called her “a dead ringer for supermodel Hilary Rhoda.” She’sa hugger and a people pleaser,” as Nuzzi puts it, and seems pliable to her boss’s immoderate will

.. The profile contains multiple anecdotes about former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski verbally abusing Hicks until she cried in front of colleagues (and, at least once, in public on a New York street). There’s nothing shameful about getting emotional at work, but there is probably something wrong with a workplace where the fact that an employee cries after a superior tells her, “You’re fucking dead to me,” is taken as a sign that she’s unusually “sensitive.” This toxic dynamic didn’t stop Hicks from defending Lewandowski against charges that he’d physically battered a female Breitbart reporter, whom she derisively called “an attention seeker.”

.. It’s not hard to imagine how a woman who comes off as agreeable, vulnerable, and always flawlessly turned-out—a trifecta of traditional femininity—has succeeded in the retrograde world that is Trump’s sphere of influence. But there’s something uncomfortable about saying so aloud.


.. Hicks exemplifies not only what Trump expects of women, but also what he demands from all his American subjects: that we keep our mouths shut, and smile, and don’t appear to think too hard about anything he’s saying.