How to setup Windows Active Directory with PostgreSQL GSSAPI Kerberos Authentication

The first step in setting up a Windows Active Directory is to create a regular user account. The password can be anything but shouldn’t expire and it needs to be unique in the environment. In this instance, we’ll use pg1postgres.

Once the user account exists, we have to create a mapping between that user account and the service principal and create a keytab file. These steps can be combined using the Windows ktpass command, like so:

Reset MySQL Root Password on Debian/Ubuntu

If you forgot your MySQL root password, you can reset it by following these steps.

1. Stop the MySQL service.

    service mysql stop

2. Start MySQL without password and permission checks.

   mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

3. Press [ENTER] again if your output is halted.

4. Connect to MySQL.

    mysql -u root mysql

5. Run following commands to set a new password for root user. Substitute NEW_PASSWORD with your new password.

    UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('NEW_PASSWORD') WHERE user='root';

6. Restart the MySQL service.

    service mysql restart