Trump Discovers the Dangers of Governing at Daredevil Speed

Now the city is leaving its bruising mark on him, with the same astonishing swiftness that has been a hallmark of his lightning-strike political career.

.. all meant to disrupt American politics as usual.

.. Ten days of shocks, kicking off with Mr. Trump’s surprise ouster of James B. Comey  .. have left the West Wing reeling.

.. dread of “5 o’clock,” marking the arrival of the daily dump of damaging leaks or fresh reports of staff infighting.

.. It is as if some unseen adversary has copied Mr. Trump’s own velocity and ferocity in an attempt to destroy him

.. Sources are shuttling all kinds of information about Mr. Trump to reporters at a pace the White House cannot match.

.. “Washington feels like a kiddie soccer game — tons of frenzy but no strategy,” said Senator Ben Sasse

.. members of Mr. Trump’s team are hoping to slow the tempo set by the president and his hard-charging chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.

They have suggested that he calm down, spend less time on Twitter, and avoid making decisions too quickly.

.. Brian Ott, a Texas Tech professor who has analyzed Mr. Trump’s use of social media, said: “The velocity at which this is happening right now is absolutely unprecedented. News is breaking so fast the stories are stepping on each other.”