Cotton Mather: Salem Witch Trials

Burroughs recited a perfect rendition of the Lord’s Prayer while on the gallows, something Mather himself thought impossible for anyone guilty of an alliance with the devil. The crowd was so moved that some wanted to prevent the execution. Mather, mounted on his horse, proclaimed that Burroughs was no ordained minister, and that the “Devil has often been transformed into an Angel of Light.” With those words, under the tearful gaze of an ambivalent crowd the George Burroughs was hanged.

.. Careful analysis of the document, as well as Mather’s own diaries, reveals that he may not have been quite as convinced of the righteousness of the trials as he describes in his book. A cautious foreword to the manuscript reads, “I live by Neighbours that force me to produce these undeserved lines”. Perry Miller describes the whole work as “utter confusion”.

Trump thinks he’s under attack. That’s very dangerous.

President Trump believes he is being persecuted, and that is a frighteningly dangerous mind-set for a man with such vast power.

.. portraying himself as a victim

.. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly,”

.. “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” he tweeted.


The Actual ‘Single Greatest Witch Hunt of a Politician’ in U.S. History

some people accused them of being witches as a result, because it was believed that the devil controlled the Indians. And since the devil also controlled witches it was easy for people to conflate witches and Indians in their minds. The Indians were winning this war and the late 17th century English settlers, the Puritans, put the two things together and decided that the reason they couldn’t defeat the Indians was that the devil was helping them—and the witches, of course. That’s the main thing that happened in 1692 to make it such an explosion, because there had always been witch craft accusations in New England, but they come in ones or twos or threes—there were about 150 accusations in 1692, leading to 21 executions.

.. The big witch hunts were mostly in Switzerland and Germany, in a much earlier period. There was a comparable witch hunt in England during the English Civil War in the 1640s with hundreds of people accused and many executed. There was also a witch hunt in Scotland very soon after Salem in 1696 too, and that was really the last in the history of the Western world.

Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians

Roger J. Stone Jr., an off-and-on adviser to President Trump for decades, has acknowledged that he had contact on Twitter with Guccifer 2.0, the mysterious online figure that is believed to be a front for Russian intelligence officials.

.. But Mr. Stone insisted in an interview that the contact had been brief and involved nothing more than the exchange of a few direct messages, well after the party committee had been hacked. “Even if he is a Russian agent, my cursory exchange with him happens after he releases the D.N.C. stuff,” Mr. Stone said on Saturday. “There’s only one exchange with him. I had no further exchanges.”

.. He denied any knowledge of what the hackers were up to before their attacks. “This is a witch hunt,” Mr. Stone said. “It’s the worst form of McCarthyism. Seems as if you’re not for nuclear war with the Russians over Syria, then you must be a traitor.”

.. During the campaign, Guccifer 2.0 used social media to invite individual reporters and Republican operatives to request specific caches of documents.