Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s Oldest Horror Story

Nearly 80 years later, that aroma of perversion and maladroit du seigneur clings to Hollywood. Now we are inundated with grotesque tales of Harvey Weinstein pulling out his penis to show to appalled and frightened young women, enlisting the pimping help of agents and assistants to have actresses delivered to his hotel rooms, where he pestered the women to watch him shower or give him a massage or engage in intimate acts.

“The ill will towards him for getting away with it all for so long has unleashed something so primitive,” a prominent male Hollywood producer told me. “If people could rip him apart, they would

.. a man trusted by the Obamas to have their daughter intern at his company.

.. Often the actresses scrambled, trying to figure out how to get out of the room without having their futures shredded by the vindictive satyr, who also threatened to destroy actresses who balked at wearing dresses designed by his wife Georgina Chapman’s fashion label on the red carpet.

.. Min recalled attending the $400,000 speech Barack Obama made as an ex-president to an A&E Networks advertising upfront at the Pierre hotel in New York in April.

.. “There probably needs to be some introspection about how certain people who engage in horrendous mistreatment of women can co-opt the media,” she mused. “The fundamental predatory nature of Hollywood is young, attractive people — largely females — putting themselves in front of men to be judged and appraised and chosen.

.. In Hollywood, unlike at other Fortune 500 companies, the one-on-one meetings take place in hotel suites and bars. It’s an exploitative and oddly personal process.”

.. Harvey had proven time and again he could get you the Oscar that could make your career. It’s the difference between being in the reboot of ‘Saved by the Bell’ or getting 15 million for your next role.”

Hollywood is a culture that runs on fear. And it is not like other professions, one top entertainment executive said, because “no one comes with a résumé. It’s about what you look like and who sent you.”

.. There was resentment against Weinstein in Hollywood, not only for the stories bubbling around about women, but the way he humiliated men who worked with him. He even berated a 15-year-old girl at a screening because her parents supported a political candidate he opposed.

.. Like Trump, that other self-professed predator, there were complaints that in business deals he stiffed people on bills (advertising and public relations payments), and he had a reputation for lying, cheating, taking advantage, acting like a thug. Many in the film community felt he besmirched the Oscars by turning it into a marketing race rather than a contest of quality.

‘Deuce’ Creators Capture The Birth Of America’s Billion-Dollar Porn Industry

Simon: Porn itself — even beyond the actual pornography, even beyond the actual dirty movies and the dirty pictures — it changed the way we look at ourselves, the way men look at women, the way women respond to the reality of what’s in men’s brains at this point.

It’s been a long time. It’s been half a century that this stuff has been in the ether. … The “pornographication” of America has been profound. You don’t have a multibillion-dollar industry operating every year and not have it transform the way we think about ourselves and each other.

How Duracell created one of the top YouTube bumper ads: 1 campaign success story, 3 viewpoints

With brands increasingly using short-form stories to deliver impact for their video marketing, we set out to find some of the top six-second ads on YouTube. Behold our inaugural YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Bumper ads edition, which celebrates 20 brands from around the globe that are delighting viewers with snackable spots.

What goes into building one of the top YouTube bumper ads? We sat down with the team behind one of the winners—Duracell’s “Slamtone”—to dig into the video advertising strategy behind their success.

How Walgreens Is Building for the Future of Customer Experiences

Consumers no longer shop in an “online” or “offline” world—they shop in a “non-line” world. They expect brands to deliver a seamless experience, optimized across all channels.

.. Consumers no longer shop in an “online” or “offline” world—they shop in a “non-line” world. They expect brands to deliver a seamless experience, optimized across all channels.

.. we became one of the first retailers to link our loyalty program with Android Pay. Now customers can find and clip digital coupons anytime, anywhere and seamlessly apply their loyalty benefits when they pay through their phone.

.. People don’t think about reinventing the way a customer transacts as an opportunity to build brand love. But customers consistently said they hated manually refilling prescriptions. So we launched Refill by Scan