How Duracell created one of the top YouTube bumper ads: 1 campaign success story, 3 viewpoints

With brands increasingly using short-form stories to deliver impact for their video marketing, we set out to find some of the top six-second ads on YouTube. Behold our inaugural YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Bumper ads edition, which celebrates 20 brands from around the globe that are delighting viewers with snackable spots.

What goes into building one of the top YouTube bumper ads? We sat down with the team behind one of the winners—Duracell’s “Slamtone”—to dig into the video advertising strategy behind their success.

How Walgreens Is Building for the Future of Customer Experiences

Consumers no longer shop in an “online” or “offline” world—they shop in a “non-line” world. They expect brands to deliver a seamless experience, optimized across all channels.

.. Consumers no longer shop in an “online” or “offline” world—they shop in a “non-line” world. They expect brands to deliver a seamless experience, optimized across all channels.

.. we became one of the first retailers to link our loyalty program with Android Pay. Now customers can find and clip digital coupons anytime, anywhere and seamlessly apply their loyalty benefits when they pay through their phone.

.. People don’t think about reinventing the way a customer transacts as an opportunity to build brand love. But customers consistently said they hated manually refilling prescriptions. So we launched Refill by Scan

How the World’s Most Interesting Man Befriended the World’s Most Powerful Man

Once, I was in a restaurant in Los Angeles, and I noticed a man approaching me, tall and imposing. He hesitantly and respectfully asked, “Could I get a picture with you?” It was Michael Jordan, maybe one of the biggest celebrities ever. And he was asking me for a photo opportunity.

On another occasion, Leonardo DiCaprio, like a wide-eyed kid, crossed a restaurant to shake my hand. Less than a month later, I was in that same restaurant and had the same thing happen to me, only this time with Jennifer Lawrence.

“You’re the Most Interesting Man in the World!”

If she said so.

 .. The question I get asked most? “Why do you think the Dos Equis commercials were so successful?” My answer: I think they make people smile—even, apparently, the leader of the free world.
.. The president of the United States is interested in me, the imaginary most interesting man in the world.

Trump: Hazardous to Our Health

empires could crash and burn if the emphasis was on sales rather than product.

.. In “The Art of the Deal,” Trump said that playing to people’s fantasies and promising the greatest product was “an innocent form of exaggeration.”

.. Presidents have to be good salesmen. Barack Obama faltered because he hated selling and simply lectured.

.. Hillary was not good at salesmanship either.

.. her 2016 team got so flummoxed at her inability to explain why she wanted to be president that they actually considered the slogan “Because It’s Her Turn.”

.. “He’s not a student of anything other than protecting his image. What he cares about is how he’s perceived, not the nuts and bolts of things. He is essentially a performance artist.”

.. They had never pulled a real bill together because they thought Hillary would win and they could just snipe at her. The Irish undertaker and his crew were so desperate to prove they had not totally forgotten how to pass anything that they were willing to go with garbage. And Ryan wanted to save the bacon — or bratwurst — of his fellow Wisconsin buddy Reince Priebus, blamed by Trump for the first health care defeat. After that debacle, The Times reported, Trump started merging the two names into one mocking “Ryan-ce.”

.. do not seem to realize the bad optics of a viral photo of a crowd of guys applauding themselves for gutting health care protections for women.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Writers

I originally wrote this post for Emtiaz Zourob, but others may find it useful.

One of the things writers and other artists often need to do is promote their work, so learning some basic marketing skills can be helpful.

One of the simplest things an artist can do is to purchase the rights to a website address (or domain name).  After this is done, consider signing up for this username on a variety of social networking sites, even if you don’t plan on using the social media site immediately.

  1. Get your own domain name.
    • A domain name is a permanent internet address that you can own the rights to
    • Examples:
      1. (my domain name)
      2.,  or
    • I found Emtiaz’s site on blogspot:
      2. Blogspot is good, but it would be better if the Emtiaz owned her own address, independent of
    • Having your own domain name is sort of like owning your own home rather than renting.  The owner of a domain name can customize the site, add additional features, and switch to a different hosting provider without having to change the site’s address.
    • You can purchase your own domain name for about $10-15/year.
    • There are many different companies through which you can purchase  a domain.
      1. I use
      2. I would recommend if your site might be controversial because I think gandi will be more likely to stand up for you if others are trying to censor you.
  2. Optional: Switch Your Blog to Your Own Domain Name.
    • After you have purchase your own domain name, you no longer need to rely upon a company like blogspot or for hosting and you have the future flexibility to switch providers.  For example, you can switch from to (or whatever name you choose).
    • I can help you with the hosting and transfer if you like.  Talk to me more if you’re interested in this.  This would likely also mean a switch in software from blogspot to the free version of wordpress.
  3. Register for Twitter.
    1. If you don’t already own your username on twitter (@timlangeman in my case), I would sign up, if for no other reason than to reserve your name.  (It’s free to sign up)
    2. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is public by default.  If you want to get a message out to the public, Twitter can be more effective than Facebook, but Facebook is good for restricting shared material to friends.
  4. Get Business Cards to hand out at readings.
    • On your business card, list the domain name that you purchased in step 1, your twitter username, your email address, and any other info you want, such as phone number
    • Your physical address may change if you move to a different apartment, but your gmail address and domain name can always stay the same.
    • There are many places to get business cards.  I don’t have experience ordering my own cards.
      1. I’ve heard advertisements for and but I don’t know how good they are.
  5. Get your own Email Lists
    • You can collect email addresses from people at readings and put a signup form on your website.   As you collect email addresses you can categorize them based on language or interest.  You can send some emails to the whole group and others to a subgroup (like English speakers).
    • The advantage of email lists is that you can target different types of people when you have a book to sell, or an event to publicize, even if those people don’t necessarily follow you on Facebook or Twitter.
    • There are many sites that offer group email functionality.
      1. Constant Contact is a popular site for non-profits
      2. I recommend MailChip if you’re starting with a small list because MailChip is free for lists smaller than 2000 people.