Titanic identical twin – the Olympic

Because this ship isn’t the Titanic but its nearly identical twin sister, the Olympic, made at the same time, by the same people, to do the same job in the same way. (A single memorable image exists of the two ships in dock together.) The Olympic not only successfully completed its maiden voyage but became known as Old Reliable, serving as a troop carrier in the First World War, and sailing on for twenty years more. (A third, late-released liner in the same class, the Britannic, hit a mine in the Aegean, in 1916, while serving as a hospital ship, and sank, a true casualty of war.)

.. The German Kaiser kept saying that he would never again allow himself to be embarrassed by the British. Lloyd George, in London, felt that Britain had to go to war or it would never be “taken seriously” in the councils of Europe.

The Civil War Salt Wars

Southerners felt the shortage of salt almost immediately, and suffered all the more from the maneuverings of speculators and the South’s inadequate transportation network. In November 1861 The Daily Vicksburg Whig complained that “all the salt in New Orleans and elsewhere is now in the hands of speculators. … Something must be done,” continued the editorialist, for “we are not willing for them to suck the very life blood out of the people.”

The Case for Genealogy

The study found that children whose mothers who told the most family stories were the least likely to have anxiety, depression, anger, and aggression, the study found. But other types of stories, such as those related to the day’s events, didn’t have a strong impact on the child’s well being.