Even Non-Nerds Should Care That Netflix Broke Up With Developers

So it’s hard not to see the closure of the Netflix API, on top of the closure of all the other APIs, as symbolic in its own way—of a new era of the web that is less concerned with outreach, and more concerned with consolidation. A web controlled by companies that prefer their own way of doing things, without external input. A web that takes the productive enthusiasms of independent developers and says, essentially, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


RESTful API Design: Teach a Dog to REST

While many claim REST has arrived, many APIs in the wild exhibit arbitrary, productivity-killing deviations from true REST. In this presentation, I start with a typical poorly-designed API and iterate it into a well-behaved RESTful API. Check out the presentation (with audio!) below for rules and advice on how to do REST right, including handling complex variations, pagination and API versioning.