No, Hillary Clinton did not “give Russia 20 percent of the uranium” in the US

Trump is referring to Russia’s nuclear power agency purchasing a majority stake in a Toronto-based energy company between 2009 and 2013. The company had mines and land in a number of US states with huge uranium production capacity — a move the US State Department signed off on.


  1. The mines, mills, and land the company holds in the US account for 20 percent of the US’s uranium production capacity, not actual produced uranium.
  2. The State Department was one of nine federal agencies and a number of additional independent federal and state regulators that signed off on the deal.
  3. President Obama, not Secretary Clinton, was the only person who could’ve vetoed the deal.
  4. Since Russia doesn’t have the legal right to export uranium out of the US, its main goal was likely to gain access to the company’s uranium assets in Kazakhstan.

.. the US only makes about 20 percent of the uranium it needs. An advantage in making nuclear weapons wasn’t the main issue because, as PolitiFact notes, “the United States and Russia had for years cooperated on that front, with Russia sending enriched fuel from decommissioned warheads to be used in American nuclear power plants in return for raw uranium.”

.. Trump has constantly pushed back against the intelligence community’s claims about Russia’s interference with the US election, and said that even if they’re true, he doesn’t understand all the fuss about it

David Friedman: First 100 days under Hillary

.. The Clinton machine has done a spectacular job manipulating the liberal media against Donald Trump. While the revelation of Mr. Trump’s demeaning comments caught on tape some 11 years ago brought him, as one would expect, widespread negative attention, The New York Times ran with the story with all the journalistic integrity of the worst gossip rag. If only the Times had reported on the Nazi death camps with the same fervor as its failed last-minute attempt to conjure up alleged victims of Donald Trump, imagine how many lives could have been saved. But the Times has never been committed to the unvarnished truth and its priorities have never included causes important to Israel or the Jewish people.

.. if Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will have prevailed because of the efforts by the Times and others to conceal, and where concealment was impossible, to justify, her criminal activity, conflicts of interest, failed policies, and support for our enemies.

.. As it revealed just two weeks ago, the Times favors convening a session of the United Nations Security Council to impose upon Israel the world’s “resolution” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United Nations, as advocated by the Times, should set the borders of the two states, determine how many “refugees” may flood into Israel, and proceed to divide Jerusalem into an Israeli capital and a Palestinian one.

.. Early in her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton jump-started the Obama administration’s hostility toward Israel by foolishly demanding that Israel undertake a unilateral construction freeze in Judea and Samaria without requiring any Palestinian concessions in return.

.. she relies extensively upon Huma Abedin, who grew up in Saudi Arabia and has well-established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and she selected as her running mate an Israel-basher (and as obnoxious a debater as America has ever seen) who led the walkout of eight US senators boycotting Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

.. I have pointed out the dramatic contrast between the Republican National Platform – the most pro-Israel platform by either party in American history – and the Democratic one.

.. I have also noted, on numerous occasions, that president Trump will trust Israel to seek peace as best it can, and will not attempt to impose a “twostate solution,” or any other “solution,” against the wishes of the democratically elected Israeli government.


.. under president Trump, Israel will feel no pressure to make self-defeating concessions, America and Israel will enjoy unprecedented military and strategic cooperation, and there will be no daylight between the two countries.

.. the vibrancy and sanctity of Jerusalem

.. We have been entrusted a legacy by the greatest of generations that preceded us to ensure that Israel survives and flourishes as a light unto the nations

The Death of Clintonism

With Hillary Clinton’s loss, Democrats are burying a once-winning way of politics.

She embraced bold approaches on hot-button issues like immigration and gun control that would have been shocking for a Democrat in her husband’s day, and accepted what was arguably the most liberal Democratic Party platform in history, but that never seemed to be enough to satisfy younger voters, especially. “People thought she’d been conceived in Goldman Sachs’ trading desk,” says one veteran Clinton aide, noting the irony that this was millennial voters’ jaded view of a woman often seen in the 1990s as reflexively more liberal than her husband.

.. A Democratic Party that was seen as more sympathetic to criminals than to victims was not a Democratic Party that was going to win elections. Bill Clinton had to correct that, and he did, and by 2015 we just did not have that kind of violent crime any more

.. It is heartbreaking to have so many young people see him not as the guy who shut down the government to save the Great Society from Newt Gingrich

.. Panetta, whose late-career turn toward national security has overshadowed a keen political mind, thinks the surprisingly tough Democratic primary knocked the Clintons off kilter. “They had to deal with Bernie Sanders and the left. They had to make sure they retained that base,

.. She could not, or would not, say aloud what others in her party knew: That Obama had not only largely overlooked the concerns of white working-class voters but, with his health care overhaul, had been seen as punishing them financially to provide new benefits to the poorest Americans. Fairly or not, he lost the public argument.

.. “You didn’t hear a lot of people putting in context that before Bill Clinton, Republicans had controlled the White House for 20 of 24 years, that his last six years in office were with an all-Republican Congress, or that the main reason he got crushed in 1994 was that he was perceived as being too progressive on health care.

Democrats need to get a grip if they want to win next time

Saying you lost because the system was rigged against you is self-flattery, and it doesn’t help you learn anything about what to do next time.

.. FBI Director James Comey’s interference in the election was inappropriate and quite possibly swayed the outcome. The best way to prevent that from happening again is to do what political parties usually do: nominate a candidate who is not under investigation by the FBI.

.. Clinton failed to offer a compelling message on how she would help middle-income Americans get ahead through work — a failure that has been common for Republican and Democratic politicians in recent years, but that Trump managed to avoid. The next Democratic nominee will need to figure out how to convince voters he or she can succeed in fixing the job market where Trump fails.

Most importantly, Clinton had major conflict-of-interest issues that positioned her poorly to take advantage of Trump’s corruption.

.. Voters were reasonably suspicious of how much money she and her husband had been able to make by monetizing their contacts and influence, and of what favors they might owe as a result of that.

.. Pick a candidate who can capitalize on Trump’s failures

.. A candidate with a better pitch for these voters — one who understood the skepticism of new, complex government programs at a time of low trust in institutions — probably would have beaten Trump.

.. For all the complaining about how unfair everything was this time, Democrats had the easier hand to play in this campaign than Republicans did.

Democrats faced an often-hostile FBI and a meddlesome Russian government. Republicans had Donald Trump at the top of their ticket. I wouldn’t trade.

.. As Luigi Zingales wrote last month, drawing on his experience observing Silvio Berlusconi’s opponents in Italy, the way you beat the inept clown who runs your country is through normal politics. Instead of focusing your message on how ridiculous he is, focus on how what he’s doing isn’t working, and how you have better ideas.